Sacrament Windows

Our Banner on the first web page shows the Sacrament Windows at Grace Church in the Nave. The Sacrament windows were designed by Fr. Wallace E. Sprague when he was rector and built by Wippel-Mowbray Studies, Ltd of London, England. They were installed in 1976 and were funded through donations in combination of a bequest from Jessie Williams Dickerman in memory of her mother, Louisa Anna Ellis Williams and her pioneer family.

The seven Sacrament windows represent at sacrament of the church and contains three figures related to that sacrament. A blue wave continues through the bottom of each window and serves to tie them all together.

The first window represents Baptism, with water running from a shell into a pool where three fish are swimming.

The second window represents Confirmation, featuring tongues of flame and a ray of sunlight descending upon a haloed dove, reminding us of Luke 3:15, wherein the Holy Spirit descended as a dove.

The third window representing Holy Communion, shows blood from the Lamb flowing into a chalice, and ears of wheat symbolic of the unleavened bread.

The fourth window represents Penance. Depicted are a flail, the bitter hyssop, and the keys to the Kingdom.

The fifth window represents marriage, with joined hands, rings and the blessing of the Trinity from above.

The sixth window represents Unction with a cross, oil, and an hourglass.

The seventh window represents Holy Orders. It has the Bishop's crosier, the Priest's stole, and the red dalmatic of the deacon.



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